With the release of Tap from Wattpad, I think it’s time we explore the other big writing platform that is available to aspiring authors. Yes, there are many apps that allow users to read, write, and connect to their fans, but very few work as well, and give as much, to the creators and readers. Radish and Tap are in the big leagues, and may just provide the quality that readers and writers look for in free entertainment.

Radish is great for writers because of the security provided. Unlike Wattpad, Fictionpress, and other places a writer can place their work, Radish makes it so that it is nigh impossible for someone to have their work stolen. Last month, two of my favorite writers on Wattpad had their work stolen, and they both lost quite a bit of money from it. The authors also felt as though they had no protection, and moved most, if not all, of their work to Radish.

Radish also offers a way for writers to make money. The stories are free to read, but they are released a chapter at a time. So if an author has a full story uploaded to the site (and they are just beginning), and a reader loves the story but doesn’t want to wait for eternity to have the next chapter unlocked, they can pay a small amount of pocket change to unlock the chapter and read the rest of the book. This doesn’t really help when an author has a horde of patient followers who are also extremely broke and would rather spend their money on bus fare than a chapter in a book, but it seems to make the authors feel better about what they have.

In order to write for Radish, a form must be filled out, and a wait time of 2 weeks to one month should be expected before hearing back from the writing team.

Tap, on the other hand, is also protected so that the works cannot be copied. The format of the stories is a chat style format, which is interesting, and there are a limited amount of taps a person can use to get through a story. This is more to pace readers as the site builds its database, but many readers are already beginning to rage over this small inconvenience.

Currently, writers should be able to submit their work. Due to a few bugs in the system, I have yet been able to write, like a few others, but the system is really fun to work with as a reader. There is no pay, sadly, but once Wattpad Futures rolls out, and Tap has its small issues worked out, there may be pay for writers in the future. At least we can hope so.


Of the two apps, I have enjoyed using Tap the most. Radish doesn’t have a way for me to follow authors that I like, and Tap makes me feel as though I am playing some sort of game. It’s much more enjoyable than Radish. I just hope they get the kinks fixed. Both apps are available for iPhone and Android, so be sure to check them out.

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