Wattpad has recently been trying to make new ways for authors to create stories, share their work with the world, and earn from writing. The have a website where readers and writers can interact with one another. They have an app that is basically the website, only at the click of a button instead of a search engine away. They have Wattpad Stars, a program created to allow authors who meet certain criteria to get more opportunities to do what they love.

These opportunities include book publishing, having their work turn into a movie or television series, or writing for a popular brand to promote their work. Several weeks ago, they also started beta-testing a new feature called Wattpad Futures, which places ads between chapters of authors who meet certain criteria, so that these authors can be paid for their work. Wattpad has said that the most an author has made within a month has been between $1,000-$2,000. This is really awesome news, especially if many authors are able to meet the criteria (which hasn’t been made known).

Before Wattpad Futures has been able to be completely released, however, they have now created Tap, an app that allows readers to read a story through text messages. It looks like the reader is tapping into a conversation, and by tapping the screen, the reader gets more of the story. The writers have been selected from Wattpad, and others will be able to write as well. It has not yet been established if the writers for Tap will be getting paid if they have not been selected by Wattpad, like the first writers, but this is still a really cool way for stories to be written.

If you’re not sure about this form of writing, there are some authors on Wattpad who already have stories up in this style. Simrankdhaliwal has written a story titled, “good morning, sunshine“, a story written through texts that is about depression and asking for help the only way one knows how. It’s a really cute story and it isn’t all written in the texting format that Tap presents. iwearheelys story, “Z“, is exclusively written in texting format and is about one girl’s attempts at healing herself after a traumatic incident. Both are very good stories that are currently on Wattpad that will give you some sort of insight into what Tap will be like.

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