Marketing yourself, and your books,  can be difficult and costly. The best way? Open up notepad (or something like it) and paste in all of your self-promotion advertisements.

I have five things that I should advertise daily (some days I have six). My Chanillo Horror Series The Ink Speaks, my Wattpad Fantasy story Scoria, this website, and my two ebooks on Amazon. That can lead to a lot of frustration when trying to find readers, or just to gain some sort of exposure.

The easiest way I have found to get my work out there, has been by creating small links with, and making small blurbs of info to tweet out. But instead of doing that everyday, I take those small blurbs and links, and save them to notepad for later use. I also try to promote myself with Google+, Flipboard, and StumbleUpon.

Twitter reaches a large amount of people who can like and retweet what I send out, and if I tag my tweets correctly, I can get a little bit of exposure. Google+ is okay, and treats my advertisements looking more like articles, which I like. And people can like and share the post with whoever they like, however they like. Flipboard is pretty cool, in that it allows users to make their own magazines, and share them. I really like StumbleUpon, though. Not because it gets me the most attention, but because I love its interface. Users are literally stumbling upon things that they could like and share.

Like today, I stumbled upon a type of dog breed list that allows you to categorize dogs by size, trainability, the amount of fur they have, and things like that. It was so cool!

These sites are super easy to post to, and are big helpers when it comes to advertising yourself. And, if you are more on your phone than on a computer, you can still market yourself with these sites. There are notepads available for cellphones, so all you need to do is copy and paste. In fact, you can even add Instagram to your self-marketing repertoire by taking a picture a day, or a few pictures, that remind you of your work, and post them with a link to the work you are thinking of. This would probably be easier to do on a tablet, or a smartphone with a large screen, for typing purposes.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways that you can market yourself for free, but these are the ways that I have been doing it, and I have been having fun with it. It also helps build a sort of routine to my day, which is super helpful. If you guys know of any other ways to market yourself for free, mention them in the comments below! I’d love to test them out!

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