Okay, yes, we all know about Amazon.com and their books. However, like I said before in my review for Kobo.com, I don’t really like the e-readers that Amazon has to offer due to the reader setup. Yes, they have this great deal right now where you get $10 off for a Fire Tablet, bringing it to $39.99, which is a great deal considering the price of other tablets, but the interface is still just meh.

My Kindle Fire, for the book portion of this review, is pretty bland and a little aggravating. Whenever I add a new book, it moves to the top of the list, along with the book I am currently reading, and the books I have already finished reading. Thankfully, it keeps this little “new” ribbon at the corner of books I haven’t read yet, but it’s still annoying when I am trying to decide which book to read next. And when I am reading, the only way for me to know how far I have to go is this percentage bar at the bottom of the screen, which also has some weird numbers, that aren’t page numbers, at the bottom of the book. If it could just stick with percentage, I’d be okay. Maybe if it even had page numbers, and not whatever numbers are at the bottom under the percentage numbers, I’d be cool. But it doesn’t, and I don’t get it.

Another thing that bothers me about the reader, is that I purchased a book that was supposed to come with illustrations (Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol), and there were no pictures.

So yeah, the e-reader sucks. Great for the price, but Kobo’s e-reader is better. I mean, it is a little more expensive, my favorite being the Aura Edition 2 at about $120, but I would definitely pay for it because of the quality.


As for the bookstore portion of Amazon, it’s amazing. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited for a 30-Day Free Trial by clicking this link, and you’ll get so many free books, you’ll need to look into becoming immortal. I love Kindle Unlimited and partake of the free reads as much as I can. It’s $9.99 a month, which, if you are a book addict and can’t stop from buying books, is a huge deal considering all of the free ebooks that you can read that are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program. They also have free audible books, but I don’t venture into that because my mind likes to wander. Seriously, I tried the audio book for Anne Rice’s Vittorio the Vampire and kept having to replay the disc. But for people who like audio books, this is a must have.

I also like all of the different types of books available, and the listings. You want to read a best-seller, a super short five minute thrill ride, or find all of the free books, go to the sidebar and click on the right option. Do you want an actual book, and not an e-book, you can click on that option too. Add books to your wishlist, and get book recommendations based off of what you have added to that list,  read, or rated. This would actually have to be my favorite feature from the site, as I love having things recommended to me based off of what I already like. Which is most likely why I love Spotify (a music provider) so much.

These guys are the biggest reason for why I have so many to-read books on my kindle and laptop. So, if you’re looking for a cheap place to get books, and for a cheap e-reader, Amazon.com is definetly your place to go. Especially if you are looking for short books to read during the commercial break of your favorite television series.

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