Sometimes, writing your own work isn’t enough to cover the cost for ebooks, marketing, beta readers, and everything else that may crop up when releasing your self-published book. Some of you may be looking for work as a freelance writer to get more experience writing, while getting paid for it. No matter the reason, these are four sites that I have found to be the most active in providing consistent work as a freelancer.


HireWriters is a great site for freelancers. There is a test involved, and if you don’t pass it, you can’t get in, which does suck. However, there is always something to do no matter what level of writer you are. There are four levels for writers that are determined based off of how much work you have successfully done, and the reviews your client’s have left for you. Work can range from $1.50 to $21.00 per article, and I have seen lower and higher. It all depends on the word count and level of writer you are. For example, if you accept an expert article for a 150 word count, you’ll get around $5.00, while a beginner will get about $1.50. And, if a client really likes the work provided, they can leave a tip. I make between $20-$50 a week with these guys.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content currently has four jobs available for freelancers. They can edit or write Best Buy product descriptions, they can write about mobile apps and games, or they can write about whatever shows up in the marketplace. There are small tests that need to be taken before being approved for a position, and it can take a while before hearing back from the, it took about three months for me to be accepted as a marketplace writer before being denied as a Best Buy product descriptionist, and I still haven’t heard back about the editing job. There is barely any work available here, and when it comes available, it is a feeding frenzy. So be sure to keep this tab up all day and to refresh it every one in awhile if approved for work. Pay is per word, so if someone wants a 1,000 word article, you’ll be getting $20.


Textbroker also requires a writing test to get in, but they will work with their writers to help them improve. Once accepted, a writer can only see work that is fit for their writing abilities, and there are tons of jobs available every day. Most of the work I have seen is biography work. Finding out about someone, and then writing a positive article about them and their life. There are beauty, gaming, and other types of work available. They pay is also per word, and I love the way they show it. If an article is $4.50, you are writing an article with 450 words, and so on. There is always work to do on this site, so it is all about how much work you want to put in. The downside? It can take up to 3 days for someone to accept or reject an article. So if you did $100 worth of work, and thought you’d be able to put that towards a much needed bill that must be paid, you can forget about it if you waited too long to try and earn some cash. You’ll see that money when they have time to give it to you.


Okay guys, I failed at Blogmutt. I made it through the process, but when it came time to write an article, I was not worthy. The site looked super fun, and there were a lot of articles to choose from. It did seem more like a job list site, showing the articles others had written for the same article you were trying to get paid for so that you could see the competition, and the email telling you how to go through the selection process was a little confusing, but it looked like a great site to utilize for income. I am only mentioning this site because it was so cool to see, even though I didn’t get to get paid a single penny, and I want everyone to have the best chance at making their freelance life work.


So that’s my list of four places to write as a freelancer. There may be more out there in the world, but these ones are the ones that I have gotten to try out and have fun with. If you know of any other freelance sites, be sure to say something! We can’t all know the ways of the interwebs.

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