The largest problem as a self-published author that you will run into is the marketing. You need to market your books in order to get readers, and there are a few ways to market your book. Amazon has a way to post ads, Twitter is a great way to market your book due to how many book marketers for Twitter there are, and you can also get book reviewers to promote your book on their blogs.

I have tried both Amazon and Twitter for marketing. I received a $100 credit to use for promotions, and only received about 17 views on the site from that promotion. The credits are still there to be used on the account, but with how many views the page received for a month long advertisement, it didn’t seem worth using again.

As for Twitter, my own twitter has received over 1600 impressions (people who have seen my twitter posts) and I have received over 100 favorites and retweets each. This also allowed other book marketers to see my product and advertise their services.

ShoutMyBook offered a month long service for $14.99. Three tweets a day from three different twitter accounts about the book and a promise of over 300k people seeing these tweets and possibly checking out my book. For that month, there were about 60 people interested in the book, but no sales.

Currently, I am using Booktweep, who also asks for $14.99 per month with three tweets a day from three separate twitter accounts. They say that they have over 250k followers, and so far, with them, I have seen many more people retweeting and liking the posts. There are still no sales, but I prefer these guys to ShoutMyBook due to the types of advertisements that they send out.

ShoutMyBook chooses quotes from the summary that is on the book page, and sticks to it. They don’t say what type of genre the book is, and are lacking a bit in the hashtags. Booktweep also uses the summary from the book page, but also leaves some intrigue for some posts and uses hashtags efficiently.

Book reviews are great to have, because then someone will know that the money they spend on the book is worth it. Having at least one book review on the book page is a great start. Book reviews can be gotten from Fiverr (you can pay as little as $5),, or you can look for a book blog and hope that someone will be able to review your book. There are also Youtubers who do book reviews (I do both) that you may be able to hire. Their reviews will be honest though, so if you are okay with not getting a glowing review, you can opt for these options as well.

There are many other twitter marketers out there to try out, but these have been the ones that I have tried out so far. Although I haven’t made any sales, or gotten any reviews yet, I am still hopeful. As should all aspiring writers!

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