I see you there, checking out that sweet book cover for my book, Into Hell I Run. Wish you had one too? Well there are quite a few ways to do so!

The book cover I received for Into Hell I Run was purchased at selfpubbookcovers from one of the artists there. She goes by the name of Ravenborn and has many other fantastic covers for sale.

SelfPubBookCovers is the ideal place to find an amazing book cover at a low cost. The covers are pre-made and range from $60 to $95 dollars with unlimited free revisions. You receive both an e-book cover and a print cover to use when self publishing, and can pay extra for  back cover and spine to be made. Once your book has sold 250,000 copies, that is when you need to pay an extra amount for an extended license.

You can also use Canva to create a book cover yourself using the templates, photo’s, and designs that they have for you to use. When I made my own book cover during NaNoWriMo in November 2015, they are who I used. The cover was about $2 but was not as good as I thought it would look when I used it to print my free book on FastPencil when I won NaNoWriMo that year. The picture was very grainy and the letters were kind of pixelated. The images are also very limiting and you cannot change the color of one single thing in the picture, you have to change the whole color of the picture. They are good to go through if you really do not have the money for a professional and would like to try your hand at making a cover.

You may also find help through Bibliocrunch. They are a site for authors and publishing professionals to help one another. Authors post jobs that they need done (book covers, editors, marketers, etc.) and the pros reply to the ad and give a pitch and price for the author. They are pretty much your one stop shop for everything you could ever need as a self publisher. However, they might be a bit pricey. They have a VIP program for either $25/month or $119/year where you receive use of their Book Promotion Tool, Author Academy, Support, and discounts for services and conferences.

Another route that you could take would be to make your own using Photoshop or GIMP. If you are creative enough to be a writer and artist, I think this is the best bet for you if you are looking to save money. You know what you want on your cover, and you can make it so.

In order to make your own cover, you are going to need pictures, which can be found on stock image sites. I made my cover for His Sinful Touch by using Pexels. Pixabay is also a good place to get free pictures, or you can pay for pictures on sites like shutterstock.

Authors can also find people to make them covers for as little as $5 on Fiverr, which is a website where people sell their skills to people for as little as five dollars.

Good luck to all of you out there trying to get your words into the world! I wish you all the best!


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