Rebecca A. Rogers’ In the Shadows is a great short collection of horror stories and poems. It’s a very quick read, and each story is spine tingling, while each poem is clear and concise. What’s great about this book, other than it’s shortness, is that the author provides a small note warning the author that these stories are from when she was just starting out as a writer.

Most writers don’t tell readers how good they think they are, how bad they think they are, or anything like that. They normally thank people who helped them make the book come to life and send the reader off on their journey. I hadn’t thought this book was going to be very good due to the book cover, which was a little grainy on e-reader, and knowing she didn’t think very highly of her work in this book allowed me to sit back, relax, and let my inner English Teacher kick-in.

Although I would have liked for the poems to be a bit more majestic and leave me thinking of what their meanings could be, I liked that they got to the point. The imagery was great, and the poems were simple, which was a nice change for me to see. As for the stories, there was only one that I didn’t like due to pacing. The other stories were great, and I really hope that they translated into her other works, which I am excited to read.

I read In the Shadows in under an hour, and I got it from for free, but it is also available on for free as well (unless you want it as a paperback, in which case it is $5.99 for a new book). I gave this book four out of five stars, just because I love imagery and I think this book could have used more of it in both the poetry and short stories. I am super excited to see what else she has in store for her readers, and I am adding her to my favorite authors list.

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