Everyone says that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Normally, this is to tell someone that just because a book has a dull cover, it could contain an amazing story inside. This is not the case for Amy Reece’s The Seeker, which I had assumed would be an interesting fantasy story about a girl with psychic powers. And, although the description of the book also suggests that this is what I could be getting, this wasn’t so much a book about a girl with psychic powers, as it was a girl trying to get a boy to like her.

Ally Moran has the power to see things. All of the women in her family have this gift, she has had this gift for awhile, and she knew that her powers would come to fruition when she turned 18. However, at the age of sixteen, she gets a full blown vision, and suddenly decides that her life is ruined, that she is a freak, and that she has no idea how she is going to manage her power. Which makes no sense. Her mother and grandmother know what she is going through, because they went through a bit of the same thing when their powers started to grow stronger. She has a friend who she tells everything to, who knows about her powers, and is willing to help her out with whatever she needs. Ally knows that there are other people in the world with powers a bit like hers, because of a family myth that has been passed down through generations about how their powers were received.

This story, unfortunately, is skimmed over when it reaches the readers. Much like the parts of this story that would have made it amazing.

Ally gets a vision of a girl she despises in trouble. We don’t know why she hates this girl, but we are told that she is awful and annoying. While reading this book, the only person I found awful and annoying was Ally. She cries over nothing all the time, she doesn’t think the boy she likes wants her because he isn’t being a stereotypical bad boy, she doesn’t want to help someone who is in trouble because she doesn’t like her, and she isn’t willing to put in the time to help the girl.

In fact, everyone seems to be pulling teeth with Ally to get her to do what is right.

The main lead, Jack Ruiz, is the best part of this book. He is dressed like a bad boy, which makes Ally think he should be throwing all caution to the wind just to get make her his. Unfortunately for her, he is the sweetest guy with a heart of gold and a troubled past that he is putting behind him. And, it may not be obvious to Ally, but to friends, family, and onlookers, Jack has feelings for Ally and just wants to take things slow. Which is cute, and a nice change of pace.

Now, Ally could have continued to be a cat in heat that cried 78% of the time over nothing, as long as the psychic plot panned out well. Which it didn’t. It seemed like Reece placed the psychic plot in as an afterthought of the romance plot. It irked me. I was expecting this book to be like Lisa McMann’s Wake Series, which was pretty freaking awesome, but it wasn’t.

I had high hopes for this book, and although I didn’t like it plot wise, I did like the ideas and the ease of the read. There is a great idea behind the power of the seekers, and I want to see that explored. I am hoping that Reece’s writing gets better with time, so I am going to read the next two books in her series.

Amy Reece’s Seeker received three out of five stars from me, but I am sure there are people out there who would love it more than me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s my age? Maybe I just can’t enjoy YA Novels anymore . . . Psh, naw.

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