When doing any sort of creative work, or when deciding that it’s time to branch out on your own, it’s important to celebrate the small victories. This makes those dark times that try to cloud your judgement and creativity have points of light, like stars in the night sky.

I am making this post about celebrating small victories, because I, myself, suffer from depression and need these points of light to guide me out of the dark. I refuse to medicate from fear that the medication will either make things worse, or dull my senses. So I fight the darkness with points of light. I feel like this is a good idea for those who don’t suffer from depression, because they don’t have a heavy raven pecking at their brain all day and all night no matter where they are and who they are with.

As a self-published author, any time I get a good review, sale, follower, like, subscriber, or any sort of nonsense like that, I get a point of light that starts to create a constellation. And I do love staring at constellations.

For Amazon, I have sold a total of ten books between July 2016 and mid-March 2017. Six were my thriller novel and four were my erotica novel (three of which were freebies). Into Hell I Run received a five star review (my only review so far), and I was expecting to get three stars or less. Amazon is becoming my Orion’s Belt, my favorite constellation.

For Wattpad, I have gained three followers in the last week since the release of my Dark Romance Werewolf novel, Amnesia. No one seems to like Scoria, my fantasy novel that is loosely based on Cinderella, but I’m going to keep writing it because I like it. Wattpad has become my Little Dipper, I know where it is, and I like to see it for reassurance.

For Channillo, I haven’t made much progress, and I blame myself for that. I am supposed to update it once a month, but since I moved I haven’t had any oomph for it. I have eleven followers on there for my short story compilation The Ink Speaks. I have made about $1.44 for the small amount I have written on the site, and it seems to be like my North Star. I know it’s there, and it’s waiting for me to utilize it, but I just can’t focus on it when there are so many other bright things to look at.

On Twitter, I am five followers away from having 3oo followers. That’s crazy and fantastic. Those are 300 points of light in my sky. Twitter is basically my Betelgeuse. Everytime I see it, I get excited and giddy, I just can’t stop staring, and I need to be pulled away from it.

These are four small things that I am celebrating right now, and I am glad that I have these small numbers, along with my friends and family, to push me on when I am feeling tired and unmotivated.

What are you celebrating over?

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